Family Medical Center has expanded services into Wayne County Michigan

 FMC  is proud to announce their newest office located  on the campus of  "The Guidance Center " 13101 Allen Road Southgate ,MI offering Primary health care. Patients wishing to schedule an appointment at the new location should call (734) 654-2169 and request the Southgate office.


Family Medical Center Receives $1 million to Renovate and Expand the Carleton Office

In 2015, the Health Services Resources Administration has awarded Family Medical Center $1 million to expand the Carleton office and give it a facelift!

The Family Medical Center site in Carleton, MI has become outdated and too small to accommodate the expanded services that now strain the spatial limits of the building. Services at Family Medical Center in Carleton currently include primary care, general dentistry, and behavioral healthcare, as well as Department of Human Services (DHS) assistance services, and the Women, Infants, and Children Program of the Monroe County Health Department. In addition, an integrated behavioral healthcare/primary care program has been implemented.


In order to accommodate Family Medical Center’s partners in the provision of these additional services as well as maintain adequate space to meet the increasing demand for healthcare services in the area, the facility will be expanded. FMC will be adding 2000 square feet to the building as well as renovate  the existing space  to improve patient flow. Renovations and enhancements will include an upgraded reception area, space for behavioral health telemedicine, and an improved dental area. Construction is expected to begin in July 2016!


Lean for Clinical redesign

Since February 2015, Family Medical Center of Michigan has been participating in a Lean Project Initiative, a quality improvement initiative in collaboration with the University of Michigan, the Consortium for Independent Physician Associations (CIPA), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and the Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA). The initiative, funded by BCBS, is an effort to teach all FMC staff continuous quality improvement methodology, to empower them to take ownership of quality improvement activities with the leadership and guidance of upper management, and to infuse this quality approach into the culture of FMC operations. Lean coaches from the University of Michigan have been working work with select teams from each Family Medical Center site, teaching Lean methodology and coaching teams through self-identified quality improvement projects.  Staff involvement and buy-in throughout the process has been tremendous and a cultural transformation in the way FMC manages continuous quality improvement efforts in underway. Senior staff and U of M trainers are currently discussing sustainability and possibilities for maintaining current momentum and staff enthusiasm moving beyond project completion in July.

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